Family Business

The Little Craft Shack is a family-owned business based on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Started by Lynn Lum as a hobby, the Little Craft Shack evolved over time to a part-time family business. During the Christmas season, you can find us at craft fairs all across the island selling a variety of cute craft products!

Our Products

For the past 30+ years that the Little Craft Shack has been in business, all of our products are hand drawn, designed and crafted in our home. Each product created is crafted with hours of love and attention to detail. We hope that our products satisfy your need for cuteness and usefulness!

What Makes Us Unique


Unique & Innovative Designs

Every year we create a new design or a new product. All of our designs are created by us for you to enjoy. Our designs are truly one of a kind and will make you stand out from the crowd!